21 February Portugal Missionary Language Bengali Celebrate Day Of Liberation Neglected Years Of 1734!

21 February Portugal Missionary language Bengali celebrate day of liberation neglected years of 1734!
While in the calendar year age of darkness Pretty much three hundred years ago inside the several years of 1734 while in the Bay of Bengal often known as India, the main discovery man from Europe Christopher Columbus and a European unidentified person by name was identified ‘Manoel Da Assumpcam’ from Portugal region unfold the virus the signs called ‘Bangla’ at time of British India ruling and governing the domiciles regrettably, British Authorities did not notice the symptom was distribute from the Kingdom of Lord in ‘Sub-Continent of India’ as E. Coli symptoms faced by European Ministers. In the there was no document of remedy in any way!
Indian College student Mathma Gandhi was kicked out on the practice, in Uk, acquiring his Hindu spiritual historic regular costume in place of a few parts satisfies and ties on? He remaining England found his state was stolen in times lights from identify India not known bandit added name ‘British’ following India grew to become ‘British India’ As opposed to including ‘Islamic’ States! Worse than popular Bandit Nijam Dakait Ajmir in India.
Egocentric responsible minds as always states in literature in poetry twenty seven yrs prison offender in South Africa, ‘Nelson Mandela’ in the eyes from the British political minds demanded peoples of India awaken from slumber we have already been rubbed by strangers in India the peoples of India recognized the Mathma Gandhi as Nelson Mandela language and voted in favour without N.H.S. free packets of condoms in the Kingdom, just after a few years of struggles the place restored backed to ‘India’ in 1947 British Govt last but not least surrendered. And after that political see concerning ‘Muslims’ in India demanded the own States which was last but not least called West and East Pakistan as opposed to only by name India.
In 1952 East Pakistan in the road of Dacca, 21 February 1952 West Pakistan Governing administration try and assassinated European Missionary Portugal language and assassinated four Brothers for language ‘Bangla’ in the street of Dacca, “In-Na-Lila-He-O-Inna-He-Lahe-Ra-Je-Own” As well as in Assam north-east of India eleven Bengalis who have been killed from the States West Pakistan police drive firing while in the southern Assamese town of Silchar whilst fighting for his or her European Region Portugal language rights in the street of Silchar. 19 May perhaps the dates in Assam noticed the worst signs in created history the clinical board at any time can prescribe the tablets other then ‘Seroxat?’
The West Pakistan Authorities was finally, operate away from medication and treatment options in politics to secure language ‘Urdu’ for a only States language by disregarding European Nation Missionary Manoel Da Assumpcam language ‘Bangla’ in 1734.
Millions of followers in language ‘Bangla’ have died for the reason for signs of language Bangla worst than symptom breast, lung, cancers. It isn't only his / her but [our] mom tongue states Bengalis and we are happy with it character in tune waves of Bay of Bengal Sea the music in Bangla.
Currently, 21 February 2012 it like days of toys orphanage kids’s Participate in while in the Perform floor with colour pencils and chocks to drew the image of 1734 and 1952 in language ‘Bangla’ medically referred to as ‘Visible hallucination’ all around the globe as small children’s dropped their on mothers and fathers with none hope Actually in the future!
Now would be the day of pleasure for all people who struggle inside their lifestyle for language ‘Bangla’ (Assa-lamu-alai-Kum-Ya-Rak-Ma-tu-Lila-He-O Ba-Ra-Ka-Tu), as well as possess States as known ‘Bangla————–Desh’ the definition term ‘Desh’ suggest ‘State’ and Bangla indicate What? These days I missing in translation in phrases! For the reason that my self Bengali Except if otherwise, overseas nation Missionary translate in their own individual language as Manoel?
The primary Sundar Ban forest Tiger, known as ‘Bongo Bandhu’ who study language Bangla and demanded Authorities of Pakistan very little but to incorporate definition term ‘Desh’ right after Bangla which come to be ‘Bangla—Desh’ As typically seen Wild movies in Africa Tiger pride and take nothing but head for their dinners or foods Sheikh Mujibul Rahman was worst than forest Tiger, called father of your nation. Liberated in 1971. The United Country however to come to a decision Using the Users of European Nation, wherever the language came from with cost-free packets of N.H.S. condoms?
If it from Portugal than Portugal is the Section of Bangladesh and Bangladesh is the member of European region and as a consequence Authorities of Bangladesh Reserve legal rights to dominates the European region Portugal from Bangladesh by UN Regulation and under the Lord “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He—(R.A), and his beloved father away from ninety nine title of “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”–786. Devoid of, second concern.
The definition term “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”–786. In Arabic language identified identify of Lord Jesus Christ Father in United Nation University language often known as ‘Introduction’ in Bangla Town, Brick lane Road language often called;
“Within the title of almighty Lord the most helpful and many merciful of mankind”
With romantic really like music, as always, western really like at struggle sights, when lover always drop in appreciate says “Allahu Akbar” the tradition, the heritage of Bangla language could be the symbol of the European country identities of to start with guy to scribe in language Bangla age of overlooked yrs 1734 today is time to identified by users of European nation diplomatic Ministers the Lord Jesus Christ followers Manoel Da Assumpcam?
The very poor Girl the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina father died for and ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ author Abdul Haye Amin ask for on behalf of ‘Holte Faculty’ Education Board, City of Birmingham, west Midland, Uk, the British Instruction Secretary and Foreign Secretary of States to appeal to the UN Basic Secretary with e book of Bangla poetry, ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ with the poem called “Sundar Banar Bag”—Indicate the Tiger from Sundar Ban Forest” –(Bongo Bandhu), to browse out to UN General Secretary, in Bangla just before very poor Girl dies for being presented credit rating of have faith in during the title of Lord “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He—(R.A), and European Parliament (Sura: Ibrahim: two–24: Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 30: Holy Bible: Verse: Ephesians: three: two—14) Lord.
As usually little one cry for guardian seek to comfort with sweet as milky bar but in no way end crying right until Father or mother is presents, it a miracles for the child acknowledged the moms and dads and smiles minimal as age of a lot less than two thirty day period there isn't any regulation use the kid promptly regarded and smiles at dad and mom A further term those who adopted European language Bangla to become smile from far as from Bay of Bengal, to remind prevodjenje sa nemackog na srpski the British diplomatic mistaken with no tablets ‘Seroxat’ made error partitions of Bay of Bengal within the year of 1905 in created background, rather than Wales and Scotland as a Independent democratic state from the nation like a starter.
In political language, nowadays we're proud of N.H.S. free packets of condoms and will not seal the ecu Minsters mouth nor Metropolis of Birmingham Instruction board as well as history of Bay of Bengal. It not just Bengali being happy prevodilac nemacki na srpski with for language; Bangla’ but I belief, also European country while in the nation to get pleased with for language Bangla 163 years cultivated soil of India rarely can say a phrase in Bangla it not ‘Shame’ nor ‘Indian gourmet’ ‘Malaga-tani-Soup’ starter but ‘Maladministration’ the blood continues to be new as British India. In accordance with health-related Board, Hozrot Shahajalal Awlia, (R.A), Reps and followers the D.N.A. – (Monar Aynai Jay Na Maja), knife in the heart of Indian domiciles exam.
Until otherwise, Ministers promises blind as former British property secretary, David Blunkett, M.P. And E.E.C. Germany Key Ministers, who are not able to see the colour of truth of the matter in his very own backyard, from the backyard garden the Islamic Declaration of Faith, (Kalima) written without known seeds and inks,
What is going to I at any time say to customers of community’s myself blind and deaf to not rule and govern within the virtue of Kalima in the domiciles kingdom of Lord? Where by was UN for the periods of ‘Tsunami 2004&primary; disaster? Whole City and state remaining no indicator of language to describe Japan disasters in word? Proud of a few parts match and ties ‘I am UN Common Secretary of Sates?’
who doesn’t like the ‘States fresh new Environmentally friendly Salad’ 2nd to none favorites foods for your not only vegetarian but will also ‘Apes and Monkey’ and people who have confidence in the name of Church of God very good for environment and wellness. May perhaps my God those who are recognised political blinds and deaf Ministers kindly we need your health care notice as nine thirty day period old boy in Russia title of god ‘Allah’ spelled out in his individual entire body. The Holy Bible Quranic verse was written by Novel Prize Winner Medical doctor Yunus in Bangladesh in lieu of serving the tablet ‘Ritual’ 5 occasions a times by.
Who proclaim the genuine male on the planet in England and in Germany? The administration are unsuccessful to revive their particular forest under the ecu Wildlife region side Act 1954 claiming primary ‘Apes and monkey’ are they not diplomatic lairs your honour? Nowadays British authorities with the States British education Board blaming the British College ‘Instructors who will’t teach certainly are a Threat to society’ – (London Lite: 06/Could/2008, for college students.
Now like a nation gonna see next Tiger during the UN to declare February 21 is the start of language Bangla from European place Portugal. It a felony offense underneath the ecu Wildlife country side Act 1954 and under the British Mental Health Act, under the prescribed tablets ‘Seroxat’ 5MG. As outlined ‘To perform particular Act or Ritual’ never to provide packets of N.H.S. condoms nor to assist ‘LGBT?’ Not I creator Abdul Haye Amin but your Lord Jesus Christ, Get your honour?
May perhaps almighty Lord bless the soul of European Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam and people who have confidence in his Lord in the Kingdom of Lord many years and decade however to come back! And by honoring his creativeness in aspiration in language Bangla medically identified issue ‘Auditory Hallucination’ “Listening to, observing, sensing matters which is not there”
But I creator Abdul Haye Amin witness Portugal Missionary language Bangla during the 12 months 2012 in February, “There” can be a language Bangla and region by title “Bangladesh” in any States court of justice with free packets of condoms in absent of Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam if UN General Secretary of States, Bin-Ki-moon refused to honour 21 February every financial year?
Will Portugal Governing administration not say “Thanks” to Federal government of Bangladesh and his very own blood associated brother Manoel for liberating the language ‘Bangla’ and also the country from West Pakistan Governing administration?
Eventually (Asraful Maklukath) individuals who struggled to the language ‘Bangla’ my Lord convey my ‘Durud-o-Salam’ and each creature during the land of Holy saints, Hozrot Shahajalal Awlia, (R.A), soil a few years and 10 years to arrives via your angle/Frista, (Saya Dul Mur Sa Lin), as mentioned they don't seem to be died from the eyes of Almighty Lord These are as hero as normal wild birds fly inside the skies singing within the name of Lord we don’t have an understanding of the wild birds language as in record Prophet Solomon who comprehended the wild birds language.
I do beg my Lord to your attention during the soil of the Religious Associates in Sylhet District being type to individual plus the creature inside the land of Bangladesh years and 10 years to return. Your punishment no more Authorities of Bangladesh can at any time consider just after 163 a long time stolen the country, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s’ Govt Ministers who refuse to acknowledge European nation and his / her personal (Amigo), brother “আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো ‘একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারী’ স্বজাতীয় রাষ্ট্রভাষা বাংলা, আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি?” -Manoel Da Assumpcam language Bangla during the United Nation.
Obrigado, (Thanks), Authorities of Portugal for your personal Brother title will keep on being many years and ten years to come in Bangladesh but regards and sympathize the Portugal devoid of romantic appreciate song Allahu Akbar prevodilac nemacki na srpski when will Portugal region rejoice like a token the image of love give by to share her or his Kingdom in overseas States protocol really like?.
By Bilinguals writer Abdul Haye Amin. []

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